What Type of Garage Door Would Be Appropriate for You


When you are about to replace your garage door or installing a new one, you need to consider the following points for selection of the appropriate garage door that will suit your requirements.

Type of garage door

There are two types of garage door designs that are commonly in demand; one is sectional roll-up and the second is the tilt-up door. Between the two, sectional roll-up is costlier that the tilt-up garage door; however the former is more preferred due to its convenience and inherent advantages.

Tilt-up garage doors are made with one single panel which is designed to be pulled out and slide up horizontally below the roof of the garage with a pivotal motion. As against this, sectional roll-up doors are made by assembling horizontal sections. These sections are attached to each other with flexible joints enabling the door to be rolled up by lifting it up. The door coils up and roll into a place provided along the roof of the garage.

Between these two types of garage doors sectional roll-up doors are preferred where space is premium because it takes up less space. To open the door all you have to do is push it up and unlike tilt-up doors you don’t have to pull it out which takes up a lot of space in front of the garage.

Material of the garage door

Both types of garage doors can be built with either steel or wood. While steel is expensive, wood is cheaper by comparison. However when you are choosing the material, you have to take into consideration the environmental factor of your area. A wooden garage door is likely to get damaged rather easily in extreme weather conditions, whereas a steel door will be able to last longer in such conditions.

Though steel doors are costlier, they are more able to resist weather conditions which the wooden doors cannot. The only thing that you need to make your steel door last long is to ensure that you make it protective against rust. A good coating of protective paint will be appropriate for this purpose.

Fiberglass and aluminum are alternate materials with which garage doors can also be made. Garage doors made of these materials are much cheaper than steel doors. But you need to be careful handling them. These materials are not so strong and hence subject to wear and tear very easily. In terms of energy efficiency these materials will not be as efficient as steel in case your climatic conditions demand energy efficient material.

Maintenance of garage door

In order to keep your garage door running smoothly, you have to maintain it periodically in terms of looks as well as mechanical functioning. A garage too can affect the perceived value of your home quite a lot; therefore it should match the look of your house as well. Therefore depending on the type of garage door you have, you need to maintain it appropriately on a regular basis. The door should be painted and the moving parts lubricated with proper oil.

Safety with garage doors

Garage doors have featured in many accidents, especially involving children, therefore US Consumer Product Safety Commission strictly recommends that you install automatic garage door openers that incorporates automatic reverse function.

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