Give Your Home A Fresh Look With Granite Wall Tiles


Most of the people generally look for the latest trends, style, patterns, textures, colors and materials when they shop for tiles.  Selection of tiles depends on the taste and style of the person doing the designing. However designers will generally put stress on the strength and durability of the tiles as against any other factors. Natural look is the preferred style today and in these modern times natural resources with a touch of nature is the preferred medium. To add fresh look to your bathrooms and kitchens natural granite wall tiles will be appropriate. The advantage of using natural stones is that they can be blended with any décor that you might choose. Being natural they are environmentally friendly as well.

If you want to give a fresh look to the walls you need to choose the tiles with the right patterns and colors. For this you first have to decide whether you want a contemporary finish or a rustic finish.  Hues of neutral colors can also be considered for the fresh look.  With taste changing colors like mushroom, taupe, charcoal, oyster and grey have been added to the neutral color palette thus increasing the spectrum of grey colors.

According to modern design concepts you use bright colored tiles on the kitchen countertops and cabinets with neutral shades on the walls. For stunning effect you can choose bright green for the countertop with cream background for your kitchen.  The granite tiles have the ability to reflect natural light in a way that increases the brightness of the area. To create this natural effect you need to ensure as much natural light to filter into the room as possible. If for any reason there is not enough natural light you can install light fixtures that can create such natural effect. A combination of cream and beiges can also create the freshness look.

Use of large tiles is another way you can create the aura of fresh look besides using colored tiles. The benefit of using large tiles is that the wall looks seamless and smooth due to lesser number of grout lines. Similarly due to less grout lines the chances of accumulation of grime and dust are also very minimum.  Thus cleaning and maintaining large tiles is also easy for as long as it is there.  But before using large tiles you need to consult an expert in order to determine how large will be adequate for your walls. Generally the lighter version is used on the walls while the heavier ones are good for using on the countertops and floors. However if you insist on using large tiles, you can add some dramatic effect to it with stripes of bright colors with the use of small rectangular tiles.  Bright designed or patterned tiles are also available for this purpose. Bright borders can also be used to dramatize the effect.

Granite tiles for walls have now become a rage and being used in homes and commercial places equally. While unpolished granite tiles are being used on the exteriors for rustic look, the polished ones are creating unique style and design in the interiors. Granite represents quality, durability and strength that can be used to create a fresh look in your homes.

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