Why Choose Petrol Powered Lawn Mower Over Other Types of Lawn Mowers

castel xs50rg petrol lawn mower 234x300 Why Choose Petrol Powered Lawn Mower Over Other Types of Lawn MowersThose who have lawn on their property surely require mowing it on a regular basis in order to maintain it properly. Several types of mowers are available and choosing the correct one will largely depend on the size of your lawn and your preference. Mowers can be manual, electric powered, petrol driven and ride-on; you select the one that will be best for you.

Manual or push mowers – these mowers are required to be pushed around in order to operate.  When you push the mower the blades turn and cut the grass. Since power produced is not high it is not very effective for cutting long stalks. Moreover as it has cylinder system with which the blade of grass cannot be cut short as a result the lawn has to be mowed too often. Physically weak people cannot use the mower effectively.

Electric lawn mowers – these are available in two forms – corded and cordless.  Those with large lawn find the corded one limited in range as the electrical cord is generally maximum 150 feet long. Moreover corded one can prove hazardous as there can be danger of running over the cord and getting electrocuted.  Cordless lawn mower runs on 12 volt batteries and can be recharged through an electrical outlet. Running out of power is the risk involved when you are mowing a large lawn.

Ride-on mowers – these mowers are suitable for mowing large areas. These mowers can be seen working on golf courses mostly. For this mower to work efficiently the lawn needs to be smooth without dips. These mowers are unsuitable for home lawns which are uneven and have dips in them. Large areas can be mowed at the shorted period of time with these mowers.

Petrol-powered lawn mowers – due to its various advantages this type of lawn mowers are preferred by most of the homeowners. With this mower every nook and corner of the lawn can be reached which cannot be reached with ride-on lawn mower or lawn tractor. Whether the lawn is potted or down hill does not matter.  Since the mower remains in the control of the user getting to the tight spots poses no problem at all. These self propelled mowers have throttle control which eases the pushing ability of the user. The speed of the blades can be controlled through the throttle control, the user just has to press or ease the control to change the speed of the blades.

The advantage of choosing petrol powered lawn mower over other types of lawn mowers is that there are many benefits in its favor.  First of all there is no danger of running over an electrical cord by chance or tripping over it as with the electric powered mowers.  There is no worry of battery running out midway like the battery operated mowers; the worst part is that you will encounter a run down mower whenever you want to mow the lawn which generally happens with the battery operated ones. Most often you forget to charge the batteries after use.

However the down side of the petrol mowers is the noise they make. You have to keep your neighbors in mind whenever you use this mower. Some areas have restrictions imposed on the use of such mowers; specific times have been set when you can use them.  Another downside is the price of petrol. Petrol prices are rising by the day and everyone is trying to cut down on the use of petrol.

However, even with petrol prices on the rise, petrol lawn mowers are preferred because of its flexibility in terms of choice of blades and efficiency in terms of time and fuel consumption.

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