Tips on Using Ceramic Tiles in Your Bathroom

Nice Bathroom Ceramic Tiles floor 300x219 Tips on Using Ceramic Tiles in Your BathroomCeramic tiles are the ideal materials for the bathroom as these tiles are resistant to moisture and are very durable and can be cleaned easily. Various types of bathroom ceramic tiles exists in terms of colors and style and also in terms of price which range from cheap to the expensive ones.

Ceramic tile is manufactured by subjecting shale, clay or porcelain to very high temperatures until they become hard. If the firing of the tiles is done at still higher temperature the porosity of the material gets lesser and lesser. For the tiles to become resistant to moisture it has to be porous-less.  Tiles are made in glazed or unglazed form and are used according to the application.

Unglazed tiles are just pieces of clay that are fired without any additives like color and hence they take on the color of the mineral they contain. Unglazed tiles are tough as they are thicker and heavier than the glazed tiles. Due to their toughness unglazed tiles are generally used in heavy manufacturing installations.  However, their use is not limited to only heavy use but can be used wherever the style or design of a particular place so demand.

The tiles that are generally used in bathrooms are glazed. The process of making glazed ceramic tiles is the same except that in the last stage a layer of glass is applied on the tiles and then fired at a very high temperature in a kiln. Under such enormous heat the glass melts and blends with the tile. These tiles are available in different size, patterns, shapes and textures. The shapes can be rectangular, square, hexagonal or octagonal and can be used according to the pattern you want to create. Given below are some ideas that you can use while installing ceramic tiles in your bathroom.

1. If you want to keep your bathroom stain proof you need to use glazed ceramic tiles. Glaze tiles are available in numerous colors, textures and designs which give you the opportunity to create beautiful designs on the floor or backsplashes of the bathroom.  Glaze tiles are mostly used for domestic purpose where the traffic is low to medium, but now with advanced technology glazed tiles are being made in such a way that they can also be used for heavy traffic applications quite easily.

2. With a huge array of beautiful colors and patterns you can create exciting patterns on the floor or backsplashes of your bathroom. You can create patterns according to your taste and style and to help you there are tile available in different styles like Mexican, Victorian or Moorish.  You can create patterns and designs on the walls, around the tub, in the shower or the backsplashes.

3. While you are using grout for ceramic tiles you can use it in a creative manner. For example, if you are using tiles of lighter shades like white or cream, you can use contrasting grout colors to create a dramatic effect.  Now this grout can wear out with time, therefore you need to seal the grout lines with sealers which will preserve the grout color and also protect it.

4. If you have children or older people using the bathroom, you can consider using unglazed bathroom ceramic tile. These will be slip resistance due to their quality of matte finish and rugged surface.  However you have to clean the floor quite frequently as these tiles will easily catch oil and dirt.

5. Even if you use unglazed tiles on the floor you should use glazed tiles for countertops and backsplashes so that these areas can be cleaned easily.

Ceramic tiles whether glazed or unglazed can be decorative and long lasting, therefore you can use it in any way you want and enjoy your moments in the bathroom.

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