How to Renovate Your Bathroom Tiles

Abstract Texture Small Bathroom Tiles Ideas 300x225 How to Renovate Your Bathroom TilesEveryone desires to have a bathroom that is stylish and modern.  If you want to renovate your bathroom cheaply you can do so with tiles. Bathroom tiles are nothing new to the world of construction. Tiles have been use for a long time and with the passage of time they have evolved and been upgraded to make them better so that they can keep up with changing taste and style.

Initially ceramic tiles were expensive and out of reach of common people but with the manufacturing cost going down, with improvement in technology the tiles became affordable. Tiles are made for various purpose and those meant for bathroom should be moisture resistant, anti-slip, durable and very easy to clean.  You can select expensive or inexpensive tiles according to your budget. Tiles exists in variety of colors, sizes, patterns, shapes, and textures that you can choose to use in any way you want in order to create style and patterns of your choice.

Bathroom walls

When you renovate your bathroom with tiles, wall is an important area that requires careful consideration. First of all you need to take into account the overall style or theme of the bathroom that you want to achieve. You can select glass tiles, stone, and ceramic or sub-way tiles in any color, pattern and texture you want.

For the common walls you can use glazed ceramic tiles that are moisture resistant, strong and easy to install. For this you can prefer dark or light colored tiles with inlay designs or in any pattern that might suit your style and design. However for the shower walls it is suggested that you use stone tiles because they are strong and can resist water naturally.

If you want to give your bathroom a stunning look you need to go for the expensive glass tiles.  These tiles are available in variety of color, size and shape. Glass tiles are reflective and give your bathroom a smart look. If you want to give your bathroom a contemporary and one of a kind look you can create pattern with the combination of different types of tiles like ceramic, metal and glass.

Bathroom floor

When it comes to laying tiles on the floor you have to be extra careful. You have to walk on the floor and therefore you need to ensure that you do not slip and fall. In case there are elders in your house who will be using the bathroom, you need to choose slip-resistant tiles. For the floor you can use ceramic tile, vinyl, rubber or linoleum tiles. These are anti-slip, moisture resistant and easy to clean and safe for bathroom floor. For an expensive look you can use marble tiles flooring which are actually expensive and have elegance and luxury look.

Installing bathroom tiles is comparatively easy and if you know the methodology you can install them yourself. Just a little knowledge and the proper tools can help you do the job easily. If you are not very confident about the job you can hire a professional to do the job. You should know that installation of tile is very crucial because since the area is moisture prone improper installation can cause damage and water seepage thereafter. Getting the tiles professionally installed will be the right decision.

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