Divan Bed for Convenience

single divan bed 300x240 Divan Bed for ConvenienceBefore the advent of divan beds there was a time when beds were made from bird feathers, straw and animal skins which were laid on the floor for sleeping.  According to environment and requirement of times, beds started evolving. Beds started to be made with four posters and now it has evolved to divan beds. Not many people are aware of divan beds.

Basically divan is made up of two parts, base, which is made of strong wooden frame like a box; and the upper part on which the mattress is laid. The base can be used for various purposes like containing springs or storing items. The upper part of the divan can be made hard and covered with fabric matching to the mattress. This part takes on the maximum load of the people sitting or sleeping on it.

Paucity of storage space is why divan beds have become so popular. The base of the divan forms a large wooden frame and can be converted to have drawers or compartments along its sides.  Sliding compartment can also be built into the divan base. All these can be used for storage purpose and even the base top can be made to be lifted up for using the space for storage.

Divan is made of two or more separate parts that are assembled together to form the whole divan. Due to this quality divans can be transported through narrow spaces in apartments and then assembled at the spot where it has to be placed. Thus a divan bed can be a convenient piece of furniture that can be taken apart and assembled according to requirement and also used as a convenient storage space where there is lack of storage space.

The divan can be made movable by attaching casters to the bottom of the divan or it can be used as a traditional bed by attaching wooden legs to raise it from the floor level. Thereafter placing a mattress on top will transform the divan into a bed.

Divan beds have evolved into many styles and types like hypoallergenic beds, memory foam beds, back care beds and pocket sprung beds. Additionally, orthopedic divan beds have also been developed for those with back problems.

The difference between the traditional bed and divan bed is that divan bed does not have any end board without any supporting frame. Divan beds lasts long because its top is made strong and flat which support the mattress firmly making it long lasting. The divan can also be fitted with a headboard if required.

According to your requirement you can make your divan hard or soft. Divan beds provide good support to your back due to the hard top of the divan which absorbs most of the wear and tear on account of weight placed on them. In order to achieve more luxurious style the base of the divan can be made with sprung edge. You can however make the divan as luxurious as you want according to your requirement and need.

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