Choosing the Right Type of Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor Fountains Gardens 300x194 Choosing the Right Type of Outdoor FountainOutdoor water fountain or garden fountain can change the look of your outdoors. If you have landscaping around your home cascading tiered type fountain can really do wonders at the center or at a corner of your lawn. You can highlight the garden fountain with lights that will accentuate the fountain during dark hours. For this you may not use the traditional cords for lighting purpose; you can do this with the help of solar panels. You can install the solar panels wherever required instead of laying power cable all over the place. So you have a lot of options to choose from to make your outdoor deck or garden area as wonderful as you want. Outdoor fountains come in variety of size and shape and also of materials; all you have to do is choose the right one for your garden.

The materials with which the outdoor fountains are made are generally stone, granite, ceramic and fiberglass. Other materials like copper, slate or stainless steel are also used but these are rare and are mainly made to orders from customers. The most common and affordable outdoor fountains are made from cast stone and fiberglass, which are discussed here.

Fiberglass outdoor fountains

Those looking for lightweight outdoor fountains can choose this type of fountains. Some people seek lightweight ones because these are easy to maintain, maneuver and clean. One other major advantage is that it can be dismantled and stored away safely during the winter months.  Being lighter in weight you incur less cost in transportation of the same.  With fiberglass you can choose from various designs, for example, you can install an outdoor fountain with a stone-like appearance. You can also choose to have a tall fountain as these have spin lock system to assemble its various parts. The disadvantage of fiberglass fountains is that their colors tend to fade with time being exposed to the elements. However this can be countered by refinishing it with water proof spray finish.

Cast stone outdoor fountains

People prefer to have cast stone outdoor fountains for their strength and beauty. These are lighter than the actual solid granite or concrete ones. These are less heavy and are available in various sizes and shapes. If you want you can have a tiered fountain as tall as you want or smaller ones with some kind of unique style that would complement the style of your home. With this type of fountain you don’t have to worry about color fading or chipping as the coloring is actually done as a stain which is permanent in nature. These fountains cannot be moved easily and therefore they are generally installed at a place where they will stay permanently; moving them is a difficult proposition. The disadvantage with these fountains is that it is tough to clean and maintain as these cannot be taken apart and cleaned. However there are appropriate products that are available in the market that will help take care of the fountain more easily.

Whatever type of fountain you choose to install, during winter you have to arrange to protect it from freezing weather.  For such times fountain covers are available which you can use to cover the fountain before the freezing starts.  Here also you need to choose the right type of fountain cover that will protect your outdoor fountain effectively.

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