Best Pressure Washers: Compare Electric, Gas and Hot Water Reviews

Pressure Washers reviews 300x263 Best Pressure Washers: Compare Electric, Gas and Hot Water ReviewsThere’s no denying that on a yearly basis our sidewalks and driveways get an incredible amount of dust, leaves and many other things that make them look messy and forgotten. Apart from that, our cars are also full of mud, road salt and even oil. The days of washing the driveway with a simple hose are gone because if you get a simple pressure washer you will be able to turn your useless hose into a machine to get rid of mud, debris, oil and mud.

A simple pressure washer has the ability to put more than twenty times more pressure on any surface than any of the typical garden hose on offer on the market.

At the moment of looking for a good alternative of pressure washer, you will have to think about the water pressure it will exert. These kinds of pressure washer devices with a light pressure will surely be a lot more useful than a normal hose but you don’t have to expect too much from it. Traditional garden hoses give out approximately forty pounds of water pressure per inch and a simple pressure washer can have about 1300 to 2000 pounds of pressure per inch. Since it is more powerful, the pressure washer will allow you to wash your car and many other things. There are some other pressure washers that are more powerful and they are perfect for cleaning concrete and big areas. Let’s have a look at and review the different kinds of pressure washers on offer on the market.

1. Electric

These pressure washers are available in three different models: light, medium and heavy duty. The most famous online websites offering pressure washers don’t really have a preference regarding the kind of pressure washer. As a matter of fact, they only mention ratings regarding the performance of the different sizes on offer. It’s important to say that an electric washer is perfect for doing house chores for the average house owners. The only drawback of this kind of washer is that if you don’t have electricity you might not be able to finish cleaning the part of your house you need to clean.

2. Gas

The main advantage of this washer is that it is more convenient. However, it’s important to say that they also produce a lot more noise and give out toxic fumes. Don’t forget that with this kind you will also make sure that you have enough fuel to make it work when you need it. There are also three models on offer namely light, medium and heavy duty models. The majority of homeowners go for a Ryobi model mainly because of its power and also because they are not difficult to get at most Home Depot shops.

3. Hot water

There is a new model on offer and that is the hot water pressure washer. This is the perfect device to get rid of difficult dirt. Even when they are really useful, these kinds of hot water pressure washers can be a lot more difficult to get. You can go for a Honda hot water washer or an Mi-T-M electric hot water washer; both models are of the best quality.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pressure washer you go for, you need to ensure that the shop where you buy it also has some spare parts in case you need to repair the one you bought.

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