Creating the Perfect Master Bedrooms

master bedroom 300x197 Creating the Perfect Master BedroomsWe all know that it can be quite difficult to choose the right colour for a master bedroom. This is mainly because we all want to show our personality and to make the bedroom look as big as possible without leaving the comfort aspect aside. If you don’t have a lot of free time and you are on a limited budget, you will surely need to pick out the right colour at once to stay away from problems.

Let’s have a look at some hints that will help you know which is the most appropriate colour for your bedroom and that will also help you install some decorative accessories to save some money.

1- You need to know how big your bedroom is

Remember that master bedrooms vary in size. If your bedroom is not too big and you want it to look bigger, you should go for a light colour even an off-white will do the trick to help you make your bedroom look and feel bigger than it actually is. It’s also essential that you keep in mind that you will have to give the ceiling the same exact same colour of the walls so that the room looks even larger.

2- Your master bedroom should be your shelter

Remember that your bedroom should be inviting and should also give you the chance to relax and forget about the daily stresses of your life.  As colours can make people feel in many different ways, you will have to ensure that you pick out the most appropriate colour that allows you to produce a calm environment to help you be in a good mood. Some of the most appropriate colour alternatives to use in master bedrooms include lavender, blue, cream and even light green.

3- Some bright colours can also work

If you are the kind of person who thinks that light tones are not for you, you can go for a bright colour and paint only one wall with that colour you choose. Another great way of adding some colour is to look for accessories of some shocking colours. Using pillows, photo frames, bedclothes and other things of your favourite tone will add personality to your bedroom. This is a good way to find out which is the perfect decoration and colour for your bedroom. You could also use coloured lights if you don’t want to look for accessories because the light will help you change the colour of your bedroom without having to paint.

4- Adding a crown molding will make a difference

Once you have picked out the colour you prefer, you will have to buy some white paint to give your crown molding a good tone. It’s important to say that even when crown molding can be quite pricey it’s worth learning to install it because it’ll be a lot cheaper. It’s a good idea to buy a book that gives you a few hints and ideas about how to install the molding. Make sure you cut the crown molding in the right way.

5- Don’t forget to think about the furniture of your bedroom

It’s essential that at the moment of picking out a colour for your bedroom you think of the furniture style and how many pieces you have in the master bedroom. If you have antique pieces, you will surely note that they are larger tan more modern models, which means that it will be better to go for a neutral tone so as to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

If you are able to consider all these different aspects you will surely be able to create the perfect master bedroom for you.

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