How to Use LED Lighting in A Good Way

living room light 300x200 How to Use LED Lighting in A Good WayWe will start with the assumption that you already know that you want to use LED items at home but you need a few more ideas. We are going to look at three different item categories that will allow you to get started with LED lighting. Keep in mind that the different ideas we present here will make use of several product alternatives that can suit your needs. Apart from that, we will help you understand how you should pick out the right option, which is essential because LEDs are something very innovative and some people don’t know about all the different alternatives on offer.

Let’s see the different options.

1-      LED PAR

The first thing to say is that Par stands for parabolic reflector. As a matter of fact, this term is not proper for LEDs because they make use of lenses that don’t depend on reflectors to produce directional lights. As a matter of fact, LED light lenses provide much more efficiency when compared to reflectors. You need to know that LED light is directional and that it gives you the chance to control the lenses in a very exact way. Now that we are talking about lenses, that’s the first thing you will have to choose. You can buy LED PAR lights that come with different lens angles. You will normally have the option of choosing thirty, forty-five and sixty degree lenses. Remember that the light is in charge of controlling the light. This means that if the angle is really tight, the light will be a lot more concentrated and if the angle is not that tight, the light will be a lot more scattered but you will have the chance to illuminate a bigger area. You should go for a sixty-degrees angle if you want to use it for general purposes and thirty if you want to spotlight something.

You will also have to decide which is the most appropriate colour for you. One of the main benefits of using LEDs is that you will have the possibility to choose the exact light colour you want. Some typical options include white 2,800 to 3,800K, business white with 4,000 to 5,000K and pure white with 6,000 to 6,500K. Don’t forget that every colour has its benefits but your choice will depend on the occasion. If you want to have a warm ambience you should use warm white but if you want to have more lumens per Watt you should go for pure white.

Apart from the colour make sure you choose the right number of Watts. It’s always useful to multiply by five or ten at the moment of comparing LEDs to traditional lights. This means that a 5-Watts LED is comparable to a 25-50 Watts traditional light bulb. Apart from generating a lot more light, LEDs have the ability to focus it a lot better. When choosing you should always remember that it might be difficult to spot the perfect LED light for you.

2-      Recessed ceiling lights

These lights provide comparable alternatives regarding lens angle and colour. You will have to pick out the amount of LEDs. It’s very popular to use 3 Watt LEDs so if you can buy lights that come with 3 LEDs of nine Watts, it would be better. You can make use of the multiplication we used before in order to decide the right number of lights you need. These lights are very simple to install and you can adjust them very easily too.

3-      Light bars

These lights are great for accentuating certain things like walls and cabinets. If you know where you put them you will get some very interesting results. They are great to use during a renovation because they will give your house a more modern look. If you are unsure of what needs done, contact electricians for domestic services, ACE (visit them: offers this and to assure safety as well.

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