How to Redecorate a Small Bathroom

small bathroom decorating 3 225x300 How to Redecorate a Small BathroomThere’s no denying that there is a wide variety of ideas for renovating your bathroom and this is mainly because of the massive advances there have been in bathroom designs. As a matter of fact, the wide variety of designs can be somehow frightening if you don’t really know the kind of style you want. Another option you have is to opt for a suite that will surely match your needs. Remember that small bathrooms can look great if you know what ideas to put into use. However, there are some things you need to take into account at the moment of redecorating your small bathroom.

– Storage: you need to pay special attention to the storage space you have in the bathroom because that will determine how organized it is. If you don’t have the proper storage space, you will surely end up with a cramped and messy bathroom. You can go for a vanity unit, some shelves, cabinets and a closet. Since you won’t have enough space for all these items, you will have to choose the items that provide you with the best storage options. For example, if you want a vanity unit, you should get a small one that comes with some drawers and a cabinet. And if you want to have a dressing room, you will also have to consider the storage space available.

– Sink: at the moment of getting a sink, it would be better to get a counter top or a vanity unit that integrates the sink. This is a very handy idea because the pipes won’t be visible and you will make the best of the space in the bathroom. There are a lot of different sink designs, which means that you will be able to choose from a variety of colours, materials and styles. In dressing rooms, you can also use the space under the sink as storage space but you should get some cabinets for the walls.

– Bathtub: if you want to have a bathtub in your new bathroom, you need to know that there are a lot of alternatives. There are some corner tubs that are perfect for small bathrooms because they can be installed in the corner and save space as well. There are also round and oval designs that can make your small bathroom look very luxurious. These models come in variety of materials including acrylic and porcelain. If you look in the right place you might find vintage bathtubs that suit your bathroom size.

– Mirrors and light fixture: you can make use of mirrors and light fixtures to make your small bathroom look bigger. Mirrors generally make small spaces more open because they reflect the light and turn them into brighter spaces. If you have good light fixtures, you will get rid of unwanted shadows that make rooms a lot smaller.

Apart from considering all the different aspects we have mentioned, you shouldn’t overlook the kind of paint colour you choose. It would be better to go for a pastel palette so as to enhance the size of the bathroom.

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