DISH Hopper Bugs Keep Improving

DISH offers Hopper and Joey system to customers. This system is designed to be very nice and entertaining. Many experts mention that this system is state of the art on the technology. It makes the best option for home HD DVR receiver. However, as it is still brand new on market, customers still experience several bugs. This is normal and DISH is always working on the development. If you plan to get DISH, you should also know current issue many customers have.

Right now, the hottest bug is on the timeout feature. Hopper offers the feature to help customers save some energy. On specific amount of time, they will ask if we want to proceed watching. If there is no response, your DISH will shift to Powersave Mode. The problem now is customers find different action. Their DISH Hopper Bugs shift the device into different mode directly without asking their confirmation. When they want to record something, the process is suddenly stopped. Of course, this is very disturbing and annoying.

The problem becomes more serious because several customers cannot solve the problem. They have reset issue and maybe timeout feature disabling. However, DISH confirms that they are working on the bugs and want customers relax and wait for immediate solution. If you want DISH, you should know this problem and get ready for it while the solution is in process. DISH also has excellent customer service you will enjoy. They are really serious in this business. You will like it more.

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