Our New Deck Improved My Husband’s Quality of Life

Although it may seem a slightly depressing reason for a project, I had a new deck built so my seriously ill husband could enjoy being outside. My husband was diagnosed with cancer last year, and the disease and its treatments have taken quite a toll on his health and mood.

Throughout my husband’s life, he has enjoyed sitting outdoors and watching the birds from our deck. Unfortunately, our deck had fallen into disrepair and was no longer stable enough for him to sit on. Since he was normally the one who would complete such a repair project, the task of constructing a new deck seemed hopeless.

Some friends of ours from church gathered some funds together and bought some products from Rhino Deck. This decking material was wonderful. It came in a couple different shades and was made of low-maintenance composite wood.

After the new deck was constructed, my husband was able to sit outside and enjoy watching birds and take in the view as much as he wanted. We no longer had to worry about the deck’s stability. Although his illness makes him extremely tired, he feels rejuvenated when sits on the new deck to bask in the sun and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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